A simple yet advanced electrical control system taking care of all the electrics on the machine. Historically electrics on plant and machinery are a troublesome – AutoIntelligence overcomes this with a completely water and vibration proof system designed and tested in the toughest environments. This system gives excellent usability and outstanding reliability, it will also make you aware when servicing is due and will recommend routine maintenance.


Why is it so good?…
A couple of key things that determine the chipping ability of any Wood Chipper, centre in the feed rollers and flywheel system. We admit it – the way we do it isn’t the cheapest way – but it certainly makes for a machine which gets the job done faster and with more aggression. When the pressure is on you want a machine which will break the limbs and clear that chip without blocking up. We can give you that !

Under the covers…
Let’s make it clear again, there hasn’t been any compromise in quality to bring the ST6P under 750kg. It’s been done mainly through the lighter engine, GRP panel work, and shortening the chassis. Here at Först we know what matters, and what it takes to build a tough and durable performance tool, and we’ve done it again. The ST6P hosts the exceptional open flywheel system – unrivalled at clearing wet and green material; the FörstGrip Feed roller system for unbelievable crushing power; and has strength where it is really needed in the chassis, hopper, and chipping chamber.


Exactly what it says on the tin. Every New Forst Wood Chipper comes with an absolutely guaranteed, no quibble 3 Year Warranty. It’s all about making your life and job easy and that’s just what the 3 Year Warranty is designed to do. We’ll give you an excellent product and an outstanding warranty to make your purchase decision as straight forward as possible.

We won’t run away from the fact that we do have issues every now and then, and who doesn’t? The difference is that we’ll make sure you are supported when misfortune does occur and that you are kept on schedule and working at your best.

Any machine is only as good as the backup and support given by the manufacturer. With Forst you can be assured of a genuine Warranty to back you as well as a rock solid and high performance machine. Forst is the perfect work partner for any arboricultural contractor, tree surgeon, council or hire company. Make no mistake, Forst Wood Chippers are built to stand up to a hard life, and we’ll stand beside you all the way.


Feed Roller Aperture 6” x 8” (150 x 200mm)
Feed Roller System ForstGrip Feed Roller System
Flywheel System Open Top Flywheel (640 x 25mm) Twin 8” Blades
Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard – 37hp V Twin Petrol
No Stress System AutoIntelligence No Stress Device
Feed System AutoIntelligence Fully Water & Vibration Proof Touch Pads
Capacity 30 Litres
Noise Level Lwa 122dB
Machine Width 1300mm
Machine Length 3400mm
Machine Height (Chute On) 2300mm
Weight 745kg
Brakes Fully Braked Chassis & Handbrake

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