Predator ST661 / ST880


If you are an arb professional then tree stump removal will be a familiar request from your clients.

The stumps can often be in back gardens – with tough access, side alleys and other obstacles to negotiate.

Without the right equipment you either subcontract the work, or hire a stump grinder – and the average hire rate for a basic stump grinder isn’t cheap. When you add the time and fuel it takes just to collect the kit, profit can soon disappear!

It’s no surprise so many arborists refuse to offer a stump removal service at all.

But the business is there – are you missing out?

If only you could utilize an existing tool you already take to site (i.e your chainsaw) and turn it into an access all areas stump grinder!

Well now you can.

The ST-661 & ST-880 are lightweight, high performance tree stump grinders that can quickly attach to the Stihl MS 661 or MS 880 chainsaw.

Manufactured in the UK from tough lightweight materials – the attachments are the perfect solution for arb professionals who want to offer a simple, access all areas, professional stump removal service, but without excessive outlay.

The attachments are compact – The ST-880 be carried at under 28kg. Simply take to site with the rest of your tools and you’re ready to offer a stump removal service in your own time, whenever you want!

No more lost profits on subcontracting or hire. You now have an additional service you’ll WANT to offer.

The ST-661 or ST-880 are the perfect access all areas tree stump removal tool for both the smaller firm, and the stump grinding professional looking to compliment their fleet.



ST-661 Weight: Without leg and guard - 24.6kg With leg and guard - 28.8kg   ST-880 Weight: Without leg and guard - 28kg With leg and guard - 32.5kg   Approx Grinding time (Variable depending on timber and root system): 12 inch diameter stump x 10 inch height: Under 25 mins approx

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